Business Profile: The Old Rectory Clothing

Eleanor White is like many of us, running a small business and looking after small children and basically juggling life and work (and trying to answer my questions with 2 children with Chicken Pox!)  Eleanor has done what many of us dream of or have achieved and that’s doing something she loves.  Turning a passion into a business and being able to fit work round her gorgeous family.  Who just so happen to be the most amazing models for her wonderful children’s clothing business.

This is The Old Rectory Clothing company.


How long have you been here, what’s your story? How did your business come about?

I only started the old rectory clothing co in January this year so haven’t been at it long at all. I’ve always loved sewing and have made various things over the years but after making a few things for my children and really enjoying it, I decided to start making children’s clothes to sell. I was really inspired by various makers and creators on Instagram too and I think this gave me the final push to try it.

Is it difficult to run a small business?

In a word…yes! I’m currently juggling three children, running a home and a small business. It’s not easy and I get a lot of help from my husband and parents which I really appreciate. It’s not always possible to do things/fit everything in whilst the kids are at school or asleep so it’s definitely not the ‘easy option’ but it does give me the flexibility to work from home and be around to collect the children etc.


What’s the best bit?

Being free to be creative and spend my time making. There’s nothing more satisfying than designing an item then making it and finally seeing it being worn. I’ve also really enjoyed creating my website (albeit a simple one) and taking all the photos of my products (normally on my poor children who aren’t always that enthusiastic!).

What’s the future for your business? Where to next? What’s your goal.

I feel so grateful that people have been buying my clothes- I never expected to be as busy as I am which has just blown me away. I just hope that I can keep doing what I’m doing- I don’t really have a goal other than to keep going as I am now for as long as I’m happy.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone starting out with their own business what would it be?

Be you, be brave and have self belief. I think also recognising it’s ok to make mistakes is important as it’s how we learn and grow.

Thank you The Old Rectory Clothing company., wise words.


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