Business profile: May Rose Vintage

I have to say I’m pretty safe when it comes to using colour in my home and sometimes I get a bit bored and would love to throw caution to the wind and inject a bit of life and colour.  Maybe one day and if I did I know where I’d get my cushions, from the wonderful Jo at May Rose Vintage

I love seeing Jo’s posts of our wee hashtag feed and her use of colour and amazing fabrics always catches my eye.  Please go and check out her feed.

I asked her a few questions to find out more about her business.

How long have you been here, what’s your story? How did your business come about?

May Rose Vintage was born about 2 years ago, I had recently re-discovered my love of sewing which I was doing as a hobby, making things for my new home. On searching round for decent fabrics I realised how difficult it was /still is to find individual, quirky fabrics at a reasonable price. I had made cushions for myself in the past and thought, why not try and sell them by opening an etsy shop.
I started off by searching for individual fabrics, a lot of these were off cuts, samples of expensive fabrics and I was able to produce good quality cushions at a reasonable price. I have since started to design my own cushion prints (I did do a degree in textiles & printmaking about 25 years ago so, not entirely alien).
Is it difficult to run a small business?
I’m still fairly new to running a small business I went full time just a month ago so, I am still getting my head round this being my job! It is fab to be able to do something you love and being your own boss, I wouldn’t describe it as difficult as the passion I have for my products is what drives me. What I would say is the downside is the unpredictability, not knowing when your next sale is coming in.
What’s the best bit?
The best bit is the buzz you get from selling things that you have made yourself, it is such a huge compliment. I love it when people send me pics on instagram of my cushions & lampshades in their homes, or when people take the time to email and say how chuffed they are with their purchase.
What’s the future for your business? Where to next? What’s your goal. 
The future for the business is to grow it! I have recently starting selling through some independent interior shops and online businesses. I also want to create more of my own designs. My goal is to keep loving the experience of running my own business and watching it grow.
If you could give one piece fo advice to someone strating out with their own business what would it be?
A piece of advice for someone starting their own business is to find your niche, work out what works for you, take your time and be patient.
Thank you Jo for the insight into your business.  It really is a recurring theme, we all have a passion for what we do and so it doesn’t feel like work.  It’s damn hard at times but we wouldn’t have it any other way.
We’d love you to follow our blog and please go and show your support for Jo by following her on Instagram  mayrosevintage

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